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  • 19.03.2019
Women for Trump are no more then accessories

Women for Trump are no more then accessories

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Donald Trump reminds me of a lumbering beast in danger of extinction. His limited vocabulary, mangled syntax and idiosyncratic behaviour all mark him out as a man who does not know how to engage except on his own terms.

More used to business meetings than the delicate manoeuvring required for heavy-duty diplomacy, the US President has struggled on international visits, at times looking confused and unsure of how to behave.

Confronted with a glamorous woman in a short dress, though, he’s in his comfort zone and knows exactly how to respond. Meeting the wife of the French President for the first time at Les Invalides in Paris, Trump kissed Brigitte Macron on both cheeks, then grabbed her hand and blurted out “you’re in such good shape”, turning to her husband to reiterate “she’s in such good physical shape”, as if discussing a Miss World contestant or a prize heifer.
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Brigitte Macron looked confused and Melania placed a comforting hand on her back. The age difference between the Trumps is just one year less that that between the Macrons, but in the Donald’s world, wives are set dressing, nothing more.

Yes, Trump thought he was giving out a (patronising) compliment – but women are more than their packaging. Can you imagine Brigitte Macron making a similar remark in reply?
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