If you see this on face of your date, you are in danger
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If you see this on face of your date, you are in danger

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Consider yourself good looking? Well, apologise to your partner because being in a relationship with you could really bite, warns TV’s latest love coach.
Michael Myerscough, the relationship expert on Nine’s new reality TV series, The Last Resort, argues hot people may look good, but they’re lousy partners.
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And it’s no coincidence couples cast in the relationship rescue format are easy on the eye. “You’ll notice that all those people in the show are good looking. Good looking people are problematic partners,” Myerscough says, because “they’ve got so many options.”
“They’ve got choices and with choices comes responsibility. Some of these people are very irresponsible,” he said.

Along with on-air psychologist Sandy Rea, Myerscough spent a month in Fiji with five couples in a bid to help them repair and salvage their dysfunctional relationships.
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While he remained tight-lipped on how successful the experiment had been, both he and Rea took part in the casting process selecting pairings they believed they could help.

Infidelity is an issue for three out of the five relationships, but Myerscough is no fan of the theory, ‘once a cheater always a cheater.’

“It’s not true,” he said, “sometimes people just make a really stupid mistake and they don’t do it again.”
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For those couples who talk up their sex lives, Myerscough says statistics aren’t on your side.
“If [say you ask someone] ‘How good are you in bed? Are you above average?’. They’ll almost always respond, ‘Yes, I’m definitely above average [but] we can’t all be above average,” he said.
There is one sure-fire tip for keeping a relationship alive in the bedroom: never go to bed angry. “Angry people aren’t horny people,” he said.
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