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  • 19.03.2019
Macron: ‘Trump listened to me’

Macron: ‘Trump listened to me’

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French President Emmanuel Macron says his glamorous Paris charm offensive on Donald Trump might have changed the US president’s mind about climate change.

Mr Macron defended his outreach to Mr Trump, saying in an interview on Sunday in the Journal du dimanche newspaper “our countries are friends, so we should be too.”

After a tense, white-knuckle handshake at their first meeting in May, Mr Macron said they gained “better, intimate knowledge of each other” during Mr Trump’s visit last week.
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Mr Macron said “Trump listened to me” on their main point of contention — Mr Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement — and, “said he would try to find a solution in the coming months.”

The French leader acknowledged Mr Trump’s visit was carefully choreographed to give Americans a “stronger image of France” after deadly Islamic extremist attacks damaged tourism.
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