Macron could hardly hide shock after Trump's words about his wife

Macron could hardly hide shock after Trump's words about his wife

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Donald Trump has complimented Brigitte Macron’s body in front of her husband, saying she looks "great".

After a tour of the museums at Les Invalides in Paris, as Mr Trump and Emmanuel Macron prepared to say “bon voyage” to their wives, Mr Trump turned to Ms Macron. The exchange was captured on a live stream of the tour provided by the French government.

“You’re in such great shape,” Mr Trump told her. He then turned to her husband Emmanuel.
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“Beautiful,” he concluded, looking back at the French first lady.

Mr Trump is in Paris this week after being invited by Mr Macron to come and celebrate Bastille Day, the French holiday to celebrate their revolution. On July 14 in 1789, French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille fortress, armoury, and political prison in a challenge to the country’s royal family. The fall of the prison became a flash point in the French Revolution, and is celebrated each year in something of an independence day for France.

Mr Trump and Mr Macron have had something of a mixed relationship during their young presidencies. Mr Macron was a vocal critic of Mr Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate change accord, and quickly began using a modified version of the US President’s campaign chairman by touting the phrase, “Make Our Planet Great Again.”
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Mr Macron also joined the leaders of Germany and Italy in a rare joint statement to say that the Paris agreement wasn’t renegotiable, which Mr Trump had said he would consider doing.

But, they’ve seemed to foster a warmer relationship since then. The two seemed comfortable with one another during the G20 summit in Hamburg recently, and have indicated a willingness to work together to counter terrorist threats. France has been hit by several major attacks in recent weeks, and Mr Trump has made the issue one of his main priorities.
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