KOREAN WAR: Shocking never-seen-before pictures of horror conflict
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KOREAN WAR: Shocking never-seen-before pictures of horror conflict

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The Korean War began in 1950 when the Soviet-backed North Korea invaded the US-supported South Korea in a bloody and lengthy battle which left at least 2.5 million dead. 

Fighting ended in July 1953 in an armistice with Korea divided into two hostile states. The former frontline was now the accepted boundary between the two Koreas. 

Black and white images have emerged marking 57 years since the conflict featuring children crying for murdered parents, prisoners of war being marched across fields and soldiers blown up by grenades. 
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In one harrowing image, American troops are seen treating a wounded marine as he waits to be evacuated near Sanghoenchon after being hit by a grenade on 11 June 1951. 

In another shot a small Korean child is seen crying alone in the street in the aftermath of an American offensive on the city of Inchon in 1950. 

At the United Nations' prisoner-of-war camp at Pusan, prisoners are assembled in one of the camp compounds. The camp contains both North Korean and Chinese Communist prisoners.
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In another image two North Korean boys, serving in the North Korean Army, taken prisoner in the Sindang-dong area are interrogated by a US soldier shortly after their capture on September 18, 1950. 

The conflict killed millions of soldiers and civilians with the moment a Korean family mourns their murdered father, victim of the wholesale murder at Chonju by North Koreans on September 27, 1950, captured on camera. 

The war ended with a truce and no peace treaty has ever been signed meaning the two countries are still technically at war.
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In recent months tensions have escalated on the Korean Peninsula as North Korea continues to defy UN sanctions over its nuclear missile programme. 

South Korea and the US have stepped up military exercises after Pyongyang tested an intercontinental ballistic missile thought to be capable of reaching Alaska with the US deploying an anti-missile system to South Korea. 
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