Jim Carrey accused of failing to pay for ex-girlfriend’s funeral

Jim Carrey accused of failing to pay for ex-girlfriend’s funeral

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The mother of Jim Carrey’s late ex-girlfriend Cathriona White has accused the actor of offering to pay for her daughter’s funeral, then failing to come up with the money.
Brigid Sweetman and ex-husband Mark Burton filed the amended complaint in their wrongful death lawsuit against the actor in the Superior Court of California, County Of Los Angeles, on Monday.
In the amended complaint the pair claim that the 55-year-old tried to play the ‘grieving good guy’ at the make-up artist’s funeral in October 2015.
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However they went on to suggest he ‘never paid a dime of funeral expenses’ and ‘reneged on his offer’ after learning that White had left her family ‘a minimal amount of money’.
White died in September 2015, with the death later ruled as suicide – although Sweetman later claimed in her lawsuit against Carrey that he provided the prescription drugs his ex-girlfriend overdosed on.
But despite Carrey’s lawyer Raymond Boucher filing a motion to dismiss the case, it emerged last month that the actor will face trial over her death after a judge indicated she was not yet ready to issue a final ruling over the case.
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Entertainment Tonight has also reported that Carrey will give a full deposition about his relationship with White in August.
This means he will have to face some of the allegations in the lawsuit, which suggests that he gave White ‘multiple STDs’ as well as addressing the claim that he gave her the painkillers that ended her life.
‘The truth has been known for some time. A troubled woman took her life and Jim Carrey had nothing to do with it,’ Boucher told ET.
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‘He’s looking forward to his deposition being taken because the truth ultimately will prevail, and there’s nothing in his deposition that is going to change the truth.’
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