Freezing genitalia for better sex

Freezing genitalia for better sex

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Whrn Meatloaf sang “I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that)” he might have had something like this particular therapy in mind.
A spa in Manchester in the UK is offering a treatment that aims to lift the endorphin levels and sex drive of customers, as well as improving the appearance of intimate areas, by freezing their genitalia.
The treatment from Cryotherapy UK, named ‘Love Mist’, is available to both men and women.
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According to The Mirror, it works by blasting a -160 degree vapour via a liquid nitrogen tank over the genital area.
The nitrogen is filtered and pushed out through a funnel in the form of an ice-cold vapour during the icy 30-minute treatment, which costs the equivalent of $AUD81.
Cryotherapy was originally used by athletes as an alternative to ice baths to relieve muscle soreness, but has also recently been marketed as an “anti-ageing” therapy. It is also said to improve blood circulation and boost the metabolism and immune system.
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So how does it work?
“When the subzero temperature covers the skin, the sudden drop in heat stimulates the temperature receptors, prompting the brain to transmit messages throughout the body so the blood vessels undergo ‘vasoconstriction’,” explains a spa rep to The Mirror.
“This produces a quicker blood flow and ramps up endorphin levels, generating a natural high.
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“While the skin continues to feel the ‘freeze’ the body sends signals back and forth to the brain. These messengers tell the brain if there is damage to the tissues, to repair them.
“It’s this that along with the instant endorphin level energy boost and natural high, generates a tighter, youthful, clear and vibrant genital skin appearance through boosting collagen.”
While this sexy treatment targets just the genitalia, whole-body cryotherapy has customers stand in an upright capsule for the treatment.
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This sort of treatment made headlines in October 2015 when a salon worker in the US was found frozen to death in a chamber after an apparent mishap.
Patients stay in the freezing chamber for just two to four minutes, but police say Chelsea Ake, 24, spent 10 hours trapped in the capsule after it failed to turn off.
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